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Second Online Publication of Environmental Impact Assessment of Graphite Mine in 17th Lianbeishan, Yanjun Farm, Luobei County, Heilongjiang Province

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Second Online Publication of Environmental Impact Assessment of Graphite Mine in 17th Lianbeishan, Yanjun Farm, Luobei County, Heilongjiang Province

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Hello, friends of the public:
In order to implement the spirit of publicizing environmental information and strengthening social supervision in laws and regulations such as Environmental Impact Assessment Law and Interim Measures for Public Participation in Environmental Impact Assessment, this information material for public participation is specially compiled. Public opinion is sought mainly by employees of enterprises and institutions near the project and residents nearby. The main items include your attitude and reasons for the construction of the project, the suggestions and requirements for the environmental protection of the project, and the suggestions and requirements for the approval of the project by the environmental protection department. In order to let you know the possible impact of the project on the surrounding environment and your life in a timely manner, and listen to your views on the construction of the project, the following is the relevant information of the project, please make valuable comments.
I. Name and outline of construction project
Project Name: Graphite Mine of 17th Lianbeishan, Yanjun Farm, Luobei County, Heilongjiang Province
Construction Unit: Heilongjiang Baoquanling Agricultural Reclamation Yixiang New Energy Materials Co., Ltd.
Location of construction: Northwest direction of Luobei County, Heilongjiang Province, 25 km from Fengxiang Town, Luobei County, and 2 km north of Yanjun Farm.
Construction Content and Scale: This project is a graphite mine mining project. According to the Mineral Resources Reserve Assessment and Record Certificate (Black Land Resources Reserve No. 2018 014) issued by Heilongjiang Provincial Department of Land and Resources on "Detailed Investigation Report of Graphite Mine in 17th Lianbeishan of Yanjun Farm, Luobei County, Heilongjiang Province" and "Graphite Mine in 17th Lianbeishan of Yanjun Farm, Luobei County, Heilongjiang Province (delimitation of mining area scope) ) The appraisal opinions of the Resource and Reserve Verification Report (Black Ore Reserve Assessment [2018] 07) indicate that the total reserves of graphite ore in this project are 11.4543 million tons (332:809.96 million tons, 333:335.47 million tons) and 1.213 million tons (332:858.18 million tons, 333:345.59 million tons) of crystalline graphite minerals, of which:
Within the mining boundary (within the slope), the ore volume is 113.371 million tons (332:8.872 million tons, 333:3.262 million tons), and the crystalline graphite mineral volume is 118.68 million tons (332:84.83 million tons, 333:338.5 million tons).
Outside the mining boundary (outside the slope) in the delimited mining area, there are 117,200 tons of ore (332:267,000 tons, 333:905,000 tons) and 14,500 tons of crystalline graphite minerals (332:035,500 tons, 333:110,000 tons).
The production scale of this project is 500,000 tons of raw graphite ore annually, and the service life is about 21.7 years. This project designs the lowest elevation of open-pit mining + 150 m, horizontal stratification mining layer by layer, mining step 10 m high, using open-pit mining in depression, highway-automobile transportation development program. All kinds of transportation equipment, mining and loading equipment and auxiliary materials of the mine directly enter the mining face. Transportation roads are arranged in turn along the final slope of the stope and enter each mining level separately. Transportation roads are fixed.
Total investment: 70 million yuan.
II. Possible Environmental Impact of Construction Projects
1. Ambient air
The dust was estimated by the surface source estimation model (SCREEN3) recommended by the Technical Guidelines for Environmental Impact Assessment (HJ2.2-2008). The maximum dust concentration on the ground was lower than the limit of the non-organized emission standard in Table 2 of the Comprehensive Emission Standards for Atmospheric Pollutants (GB16397-1996). It achieved the emission up to the standard and had less impact on the surrounding environment.
The environmental protection target of the project is far from the project, and is not in the downwind direction of the dominant wind direction. Dust diffusion through the atmosphere has less impact on the environmental protection target.
The amount of waste gas produced by quarry blasting is not large, and it will not have a greater impact on the surrounding environment.
The project has fewer production machinery and transport vehicles, and the amount of exhaust gas produced by burning gasoline or diesel oil is small. After natural diffusion and degradation in the air environment at a certain distance, it has little impact on the air quality of the evaluation area.
2. Water environment
Drilling rig cooling water, blasting, shoveling, stockpiling, transportation process sprinkle water and dust suppression, all evaporation losses are not discharged; domestic sewage is discharged into anti-seepage septic tank, and the composting is regularly cleaned out and transported without discharging, which has little impact on water environment; waste rock yard and temporary surface soil dump yard have little impact on water environment after taking such measures as intercepting drainage ditches and retaining measures.
3. Acoustic environment
Noise in operation period is mainly blasting noise, construction machinery and equipment noise, road transport noise, etc. After noise reduction, standard emission can be achieved through strengthening management, reasonable implementation of blasting operation, prohibition of night construction and distance attenuation, which has less impact on environmental and environmental protection objectives.
4. Solid Waste
The waste rock stripped during the mining period of this project is temporarily stored in the dump and sold periodically as building materials; the dust collected by the dust collector is sold periodically as building materials; and the domestic waste is collected centrally in an environment-friendly garbage bin and transported periodically.
5. Eco-environment
(1) Impact of surface animal and plant resources
Because the service period of this project is open-pit mining, the biggest impact on the ecological environment is the expansion of mining operations, so with the continuous increase of open-pit mining operations, it will have a negative impact on animal and plant resources.
(2) The influence of mining and stripping the surface
The impact of open-pit mining on the ecological environment during the service period of the project is mainly manifested in the stripping surface of open-pit mining. According to on-site investigation, there are no villages, large infrastructure and large areas of cultivated land in the mining area, mainly forestland and barren hills. Surface soil stripping caused by mining in the mining area will change the land use function and ecological environment function, and desertification may occur in some parts of the area.
(3) Soil and water loss
During the service period of this project, there is a dump with different particle sizes of waste rocks, which is prone to soil erosion in rainy season. According to the content of Engineering design, the dump is located in the dump.
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