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China Graphite Group participated in the 8th China Russia Expo/33rd Harbin International Fair with its main products

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The 33rd Harbin International Economic and Trade Fair (hereinafter referred to as the Harbin Fair) of the 8th China Russia Expo in 2024 was held from May 16th to 21st at the Harbin International Convention and Exhibition Sports Center. The theme of this expo is "cooperation, mutual trust, and opportunities", with a total exhibition area of 388000 square meters. More than 1400 enterprises from 44 countries and regions, as well as 21 provinces and cities in China, participated in the exhibition.



The China Russia Expo is a national and international large-scale exhibition approved by the governments of China and Russia. It is one of the most participated economic and trade activities by government departments and local enterprises in both countries. Founded in 1990, Haqiahui is one of the earlier, higher level, and larger scale key foreign trade exhibitions held in China.



This expo has four sub venues: the main venue of Harbin International Convention and Exhibition Center, Xilong Market, Guorun Home Decoration City, Hongqi Furniture City, and Daheihe Island International Trade City. Among them, the main exhibition area is 68000 square meters, divided into five major exhibition areas: Russia exhibition area, international and Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan exhibition area, provincial, municipal, and central enterprise cooperation exhibition area, Longjiang revitalization exhibition area, high-end equipment and machinery manufacturing and supporting services exhibition area (outdoor). During the same period, a series of national, inter local, and various supporting activities were held around local cooperation between China and Russia, energy equipment, science and technology education, cross-border e-commerce, cultural tourism, financial cooperation, youth exchanges, and more.

In this exhibition, China Graphite Group participated with its main products YXSG-6-995, YXSG-1195, YXSG-26, SG10-T, and other products.



Through the successful hosting of previous exhibitions, the China Russia Expo and the Harbin International Fair have become important platforms for China to connect with the world market and for countries to share China's opportunities. They have played an increasingly important role as bridges and links in helping enterprises expand, promote products, seek partners, integrate resources, and establish channels.



China Graphite Group (stock code: 02237 HK) is willing to take this opportunity to take a new step in new energy, share new opportunities for openness with all parties, jointly build new projects and platforms, and achieve a bright future in the field of new energy.

Project contact: Manager Chen (Chinese Mainland) 13030016047

Investment contact person: Manager Wang (Hong Kong, China) 13006655506


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