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The Luobei Natural Graphite Research Forum on "Chinese Graphite" in Hegang City has successfully concluded

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Recently, hosted by the People's Government of Luobei County, Hegang City; The "China Graphite Natural Graphite Research Forum" co organized by China Graphite Group was held in Luobei County, China. Mr. Zhao Liang, Chairman of China Graphite Group, led scholars to visit the subsidiary of China Graphite Group, Yixiang Graphite and Yixiang New Energy, and gave a detailed introduction to the Beishan Graphite Mine Project and Shandong High Performance Lithium Battery Negative Electrode Material Project. Subsequently, Mr. Zhao Liang delivered a speech on behalf of local graphite enterprises at the forum.

The theme of this research and learning forum is "Graphite Industry, National Security, Economic Situation, and Investment Opportunities". Xiao Zhangda, Deputy Mayor of the Municipal Government, Sun Kun, Secretary of the County Committee, Dong Zhiqi, Deputy County Mayor, Wang Wenli, Executive Vice President of the China Nonmetallic Mining Industry Association, and major leaders of the Economic Development Zone and industry departments attended the opening ceremony.

After the opening meeting, numerous experts, scholars, industry elites, and representatives from related fields gathered together to discuss the current situation, future development trends, and broad prospects of research and application of natural graphite. At the forum, renowned experts such as Wang Wenli, Executive Vice President of China Nonmetallic Mining Industry Association, Yuan Guohui, Professor and Doctoral Supervisor of the Department of Electrochemical Engineering at the School of Chemical Engineering and Chemistry, Harbin Institute of Technology, and Hou Shifeng, Distinguished Professor of Shandong University and Chairman of Shandong Lite Nanotechnology Co., Ltd., delivered exciting keynote speeches. They deeply analyzed the characteristics and advantages of natural graphite, and elaborated on its important position and potential in fields such as new energy and materials science. The attendees listened attentively, actively interacted and exchanged ideas, and the atmosphere on site was lively.

This natural graphite research forum provides a valuable communication platform for the industry, promotes knowledge sharing and cooperation, and will effectively promote the development of the natural graphite industry towards a more prosperous and innovative direction. I believe that the holding of this forum will inject new impetus and vitality into the development of the local graphite industry.

After the forum, China Graphite (02237) affiliated Yixiang New Energy signed framework agreements with Qingdao Xintaihe, Beijing Chuangshi, Beijing Zhongjing, and AST for the Beishan Graphite Mine project. China Graphite welcomes everyone to explore the future together.

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