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2024 Hong Kong Macao Shandong Week - Weihai City Delegation Visits China Graphite Group Hong Kong Headquarters and Meets with Management Representatives

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On the morning of May 26th, representatives of the management team of China Graphite Group, Wang Guilu, Li Weihai, and Ren Yu, met with the Weihai City delegation for the "2024 Hong Kong Macao Shandong Week" at the Hong Kong headquarters of China Graphite Group., During the meeting, Yan Jianbo, Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, and the delegation fully understood the production and operation of China Graphite Group and its cooperation with Weihai. They discussed and expressed support for promoting the development and implementation of China Graphite Weihai.



  This year's theme is "Promoting high-level cooperation and promoting high-quality development". During this period, a series of high-level government affairs, enterprise visits, discussions and inspections will be carried out. 184 key external promotion projects of Shandong Province will be released through the "Select Shandong" cloud platform, covering key areas such as new generation information technology, high-end equipment, new energy, new materials, medical and health care, cultural tourism, and industrial parks.



During the event, Shandong actively carried out investment promotion activities, and a batch of new cooperation projects reached an agreement. It is planned to sign 69 investment cooperation projects with a total investment of over 10 billion US dollars.

As a Hong Kong listed company, China Graphite is willing to take the Weihai project as an opportunity to engage in strategic discussions and in-depth cooperation with partners from Shandong Province and around the world on new energy projects.

Contact: Manager Chen (Chinese Mainland) 13030016047

Manager Wang (Hong Kong, China) 13006655506

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