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Effect of Biomass Fuel on Boiler Refractories

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Effect of Biomass Fuel on Boiler Refractories

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With the increasing demand for energy and the heavy dependence on fossil fuels, renewable energy has attracted more and more attention. As a clean and environmentally friendly fuel, biomass energy accounts for 6% to 8% of the world's energy consumption, and is increasingly becoming a popular choice. Companies investing in biomass energy as an effective alternative to traditional coal, tar or oil and gas should be aware that because of the different chemical composition of fuels, they must add changes to refractory linings.
Biomass (mainly wood) was the main source of energy until coal came into being at the end of the nineteenth century. In the 1950s, coal was the world's energy King until a large number of oil resources in the Middle East flooded the world with a low-cost energy source. Since then, dependence on oil has continued.
Cost-effective energy is essential to industry. For low-cost oil, biomass is not cost-effective in many cases, but it can be a very economical source of fuel if the biomass source is a waste by-product. There are always a variety of biomass by-products available, many of which have not yet been fully utilized. As our supply of non-renewable energy has declined over the past few decades, the use of biomass energy is critical to ensuring that we meet our growing energy needs.
Petroleum, coal and natural gas are stable fuels, and their known impurities have been studied and understood for decades. Biomass has many choices, and impurities from each fuel source are unique in type and level. For boilers and heaters using biomass as fuel, impurities have a negative impact on refractory lining.