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The bidding procurement quantity is 130000 tons, and the price of negative electrode materials has increased by 10-15%!

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BYD has launched a new round of bidding for negative electrode materials, with an average price increase of about 10-15% compared to the previous bidding, and a unit price increase of about 1500-2000 yuan/ton. As of the afternoon of June 5th, the expected bidding volume is around 130000 tons. Regarding this, a person from a winning bidder told Caixin News that it is equivalent to a slight increase, which belongs to the repair of oversold. Different product bases have different corresponding increases.



From the perspective of overall market prices, according to data from Baichuan Yingfu, a commodity information service provider, the reference price for China's lithium battery negative electrode materials market was 33193 yuan/ton from May 24th to 30th, which is unchanged from the previous week's price. The mainstream price of high-end negative electrode materials for Baichuan Yingfu is 45000-65000 yuan/ton, the mainstream price of mid-range negative electrode materials is 23000-31000 yuan/ton, and the mainstream price of low-end negative electrode materials is 15000-20000 yuan/ton.

Baichuan Yingfu pointed out that based on market feedback, new energy vehicle models such as BYD and Seal have been released recently, and the heat of the new energy vehicle market has once again increased. Market consumption has gradually been released, driving the demand for negative electrode materials to continue to improve. The trading atmosphere in the negative electrode material market is still good, and the overall operating rate of the industry has slightly increased, showing a stable and slightly rising trend. However, due to the fact that downstream battery cell factories still transmit cost reduction information to upstream, the market price of negative electrode materials is still inevitably subject to internal competition, and the actual transaction price continues to be low, and the profit situation is still in the "thin profit era".

In fact, in early April this year, there was news in the market that BYD had raised prices for negative electrode suppliers. At that time, the leading negative electrode manufacturer Putai stated that the price increase of some negative electrode material products could partially alleviate the profit pressure of negative electrode material enterprises, but the industry as a whole was still in a stage of oversupply, and leading enterprises were expected to usher in a new round of opportunities. The company's judgment is that the worst stage of profitability for the negative electrode business unit has passed, and the overall trend is expected to improve quarter by quarter.

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