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Flake graphite as a functional filler coating is mainly used for anti-corrosion coatings, fire retardant coatings and conductive coatings.

As an anti-corrosion material, it and carbon black, talc and oil made of anti-rust primer, has good resistance to chemicals and solvent corrosion; if the formula to add zinc yellow and other chemical pigments, the anti-rust effect is better.

Used as a fire retardant coating is expandable graphite, it is a natural graphite flake as raw material, by chemical or electrochemical treatment of a graphite intercalation compound. Expandable graphite under heated conditions, the rapid expansion of the volume (up to 300 times) suffocates the flame, while generating expansion, to isolate the flame, delay or interrupt the role of flame spread, and itself is not combustible, good flexibility, high surface energy, carbonized layer strength is good. However, the volume and dosage of the expansion body should be selected appropriately. The test shows that 150um particles, 30% expansion ratio and 5% dosage are the most suitable.

Flake graphite can be directly used as carbon conductive filler can also be made into composite conductive filler for conductive coatings. However, due to the large amount of graphite flake, the performance of the coating becomes brittle and its application is limited. Therefore, measures are taken to further improve the conductivity of graphite and effectively reduce the amount of graphite flakes added. The domestic Tianhua Chemical Machinery Research Institute has developed a high-temperature corrosion-resistant resin as the base material, a large flake solid graphite flake with strong electrostatic conductivity as the main aggregate, with high body strength and good wear resistance.