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    It was built in 2011 and completed at the end of 2012. It was put into production formally in March 2013. The plant covers an area of 25,000 square meters. In order to meet the requirements of the national 12th Five-Year Plan for industrial upgrading, seize the opportunities for the development of new energy industry, make full use of the advantages of graphite resources and do a good job in product upgrading and upgrading, the company, in cooperation with well-known domestic colleges and universities and scientific research institutes, has expanded into the fields of precision, deep and processing, invested 154 million yuan, and built up an adult production of 100,00 tons of spherical graphite; 2,000 tons of high-purity graphite; 900 tons of carbon-coated lithium ion anode Material production line.
    The company has four production lines of spherical graphite, the main products are spherical graphite and high purity graphite, the spherical rate is 85%, and the carbon content of purified graphite is more than 99.95%. Independent research and development of SG10-T products fills the gap of spherical graphite products in China.
    The company is a key industrial project in Heilongjiang Province. The whole production construction embodies the concept of high efficiency, low consumption, energy saving and environmental protection. The layout of the plant is reasonable, the production process is fully automatic and fully enclosed, the equipment is advanced, and it is a domestic original, the process is smooth, it is in the international leading level, and the technical force is strong. It is a modern new energy material production enterprise.