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    Chairman, General Manager: Zhao LiangYixiang graphite group company

    Friends and colleagues: Hello, everyone!
    Today, we are upgrading and revising the enterprise website of Yixiang Company. On behalf of all the employees of the enterprise, I would like to express my most loyal thanks to the leaders, friends from all walks of life and colleagues at all levels who have strongly supported the development of our enterprise for many years. And sincerely hope that through this website platform to make friends from all over the world, communicate feelings, deepen understanding and enhance friendship.
    Yixiang Company is a modern graphite production enterprise, which is based on the former state-owned enterprises and is gradually developed and strengthened. It is located in Luobei Graphite Industrial Park, Heilongjiang Province. It has unique graphite resources and developed geographical location and transportation. It is known as the "Graphite Valley" in Asia. With the adjustment and implementation of the industrial structure of the 13th Five-Year Plan, we firmly grasp the development opportunities, relying on the advantages of graphite resources, adjust the industrial structure, rationally allocate resources, expand new energy materials, and make progress in the field of precision and deep processing, and have achieved gratifying results.

       Over the past few years, the development of enterprises has always adhered to the concept of "people-oriented, scientific development", adhered to the business purpose of "scientific and technological innovation, honesty and good service", adhered to the strategic goal of "efficient, energy-saving, environmental protection" of high-tech industry development, and constantly overcome the obstacles in the way forward, overcome difficulties, bravely climb to new goals and new peaks.

    People-oriented is the driving force for the development of our enterprise, enterprise spirit, team strength, cohesion and burst out of the enterprise's youth vitality, so that it is vigorous and charming.
    Scientific and technological innovation is the purpose of our enterprise's development. Ensuring quality, creating brand and meeting customer's needs to the greatest extent are the source of our passion and happiness.
    Honesty and trustworthiness are the cornerstone of our enterprise development. Every step towards success is branded with our sincere footprints. It is this persistence that enables us to bravely challenge and forge ahead.
    Efficient environmental protection is the strategic goal of our enterprise development, energy saving and emission reduction, holding the blue sky, holding the clear water, creating a green "Graphite Valley".
    Your need is our pursuit.
    Your support is our driving force.
    Your concern is our expectation.
    We sincerely welcome you to our website.
    Welcome you to visit our company, visit and guide, negotiate business and seek common development.