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    Yixiang graphite group company

    YIXIANG GRAPHITE GRAPHITE GRAPHITE GRAPHITE GRAPHITE GRAPHITE GRAPHITE INDUSTRIAL PARK, Luobei County, Heilongjiang Province, is known as the "Capital of Graphite" in Asia. Under the jurisdiction of Heilongjiang Baoquanling Agricultural Reclamation Yixiang Graphite Co., Ltd., Heilongjiang Baoquanling Agricultural Reclamation Yixiang New Energy Materials Co., Ltd., Beijing Yixiang Mobaojia International Trade Co., Ltd.
    Its predecessor is Jixi Non-metallic Mine Industry Corporation of China. After its restructuring, Jixi Yixiang Graphite Co., Ltd. was established in 1999 and settled in Luobei County in 2005. It has been growing on the basis of the old state-owned enterprises.
    The company has more than 300 employees, two graphite production lines, four spherical graphite production lines, one high purity graphite production line and one research center. It is a modern graphite production enterprise integrating mining, mineral processing, deep processing and scientific research.
    The products of flake graphite, spherical graphite, modified natural graphite, high purity graphite and micro-powder graphite produced by enterprises play an important role in various fields because of their good properties.
    The products are mainly sold in Liaoning, Jiangsu, Henan, Beijing and Shandong provinces, and are exported to more than 20 countries and regions such as the European Union, Russia, the United States and Japan.
    Enterprises have been awarded many honorary titles by provincial, municipal and county government departments, such as advanced enterprises, honest enterprises, meritorious units, production and processing enterprises, large financial contributors, contract-abiding and credit-abiding enterprises, taxation meritorious units, star-level non-public enterprises and so on.
    Enterprises have passed environmental, quality, occupational health and safety management system, safety production standardization and other certifications.
    Yixiang takes "scientific and technological innovation, good faith and good service" as its business purpose, wholeheartedly welcomes friends from home and abroad to visit our company, negotiate business and seek common development.